Customer Reviews

"We received a referral to Eli due to his past experience of knowledge and execution.  Eli was extremely helpful with knowledge on the FLOE Boat Lifts and his communication and follow up were spot on.  Eli delivered the lift a day earlier than we wanted which worked out really well.  He also made sure our lift was set up perfectly once our boat arrived.  We will use Eli again and would recommend him without hesitation.  Thank you Eli for making this experience smooth and painless." -Jason Herfel

"We bought a Floe dock and lift last year and they have been great, really top notch equipment.  Eli came over and set it up just how we wanted it and really made it an easy experience.   We also added a couple more Floe accessories over the season and they made that very easy as well.  Top quality stuff and great service, what more can you ask for." - James Evans

"After extensive research and months of comparative shopping, I bought a Floe dock from Eli at Rock Solid Services.  Eli immediately understood that I was fussy and spent the time to discuss design options, explain Floe quality and answer the many questions I had.   There was no pressure, no hard sell, no spiel.   He installed the dock and then checked back to ensure we were happy with the purchase.  Eli Zenner is knowledgeable, is trustworthy and is of great character.  The next time I need a dock or a lift I will have no need to shop around, as I will go directly to Rock Solid Services." - John G. Steiner

"I shopped extensively for a new dock. When I ran into Eli at the Boat Show, I not only bought from him as he was very competitive but I have found out the services after the sale were top notch as well. He delivered and put it all together all as promised and has followed up numerous times. If you are in the market, I really don't think you will find any better deal or service." -Paul O'Berg

"Rock Solid Services led by Eli is just that "rock solid"!!  As a new dock owner who considered many different vendors, Eli was by far the right choice.  Besides his competitive pricing, his service and consideration top your needs is second to none.  I won't buy from anyone else, thanks Eli!" -Josh Reding

"I couldn't be happier with my experiences with Eli and Rock Solid Services. The work is always done perfectly and on time and at a more than fair price. If you have a chance to have Eli do a project for you, you won't be disappointed." -Scott Sleight

"I purchased a Floe boat lift from another dealer and was extremely disappointed with their service. I reached out to Eli for service and he was extremely professional, prompt and courteous. I will continue to use his services and will purchase my next Floe products from him. When he makes a commitment, he honors it." -Gene Quast